What are Aptos?

Aptos are a technologie for correction of age-related changes , which have already proved their effectiveness over many years of successful history and continue to win the trust of patients and professional specialists around the world.

The Aptos method is a minimally invasive and safe facelift procedure by ultra-thin threads that helps to correct any aesthetic defects on the face and body, smooth wrinkles, significantly improve the appearance and structure of the skin without surgical intervention.

Aptos rejuvenation is performed only by certified specialists in medical clinics that are partners of APTOS and are licensed to conduct medical activities in the field of plastic surgery or cosmetology.

How is the procedure of Aptos?

The introduction of threads is carried out in accordance with the marking with a special cannula or needle, depending on the type of threads chosen, to a depth of 3-5 millimeters. Depending on the tasks assigned and the type of threads, the physician chooses the most suitable technique for introducing and fixing in each particular case. 

What are Aptos threads made of?

The history of Aptos development goes back to 1987, when the Georgian plastic, reconstructive surgeon Marlen Sulamanidze was inspired by the idea of ​​avoiding a long rehabilitation period and reducing the risks associated with traditional interventions of plastic surgery.

Aptos threads are made of both non-absorbable (polypropylene) and absorbable (poly-L-lactic acid + caprolactone) material. Polypropylene threads are used in surgery as a suture material for more than 50 years, as well as Polylactic threads which are composed of fully absorbable, non-allergic material.

Last year Aptos inventors presented a revolutionary new formula of thread composition – the 3rd Generation Aptos Thread with Hyaluronic Acid.

An improved formulation ensures additional benefit for the skin, provides less traumatic procedure, faster rehabilitation. Skin elasticity and texture improvement are visible right after thread implantation.

How to find a professional specialist for a thread lift Aptos?

A mandatory requirement for a specialist is the passage of training on working with APTOS threads and the availability of a corresponding confirmatory certificate.

Dr. Juan Corado has been certified as an official trainer of Aptos in Ireland and UK by the amazing Marlen Sulamanidze.

At Dr. Juan Corado, we perform the Aptos treatment in Cork to combat skin aging with the best specialists in the field.

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