What is facial rejuvenation with Teoxane used for? 

Facial rejuvenation with Teoxane is the perfect treatment to give light to your tired face…

Enhancing beauty without losing an inch of naturality is vital to get perfect looks. Patients demand modern aesthetic techniques using non-invasive treatments to avoid surgical procedures, 

Modern aesthetic improvements and localized treatments of the face are to remain unnoticed. Younger unnoticeable looks are trendy and the only way to get them is to respect facial harmony and natural lines.  

Being natural means showing fresher, younger, more balanced looks. Naturality is the key to feeling good and beautiful. 

Getting your facial rejuvenation with Teoxane.

The hyaluronic acid treatment is the best option to get your facial rejuvenation. This is an increasingly used option used by specialists like Dr. Corado. With Teoxane, you can get very successful results. 

TEOXANE is a non-animal origin product. This innovative and secure treatment provides aesthetic results is used to provide top-quality results for our patients. This is a natural skin component acting like a natural sponge retaining big amounts of water to maintain skin moisture and natural lines. 

TEOXANE has been used over 15 years and is still providing innovative solutions for all patients. Top-quality results and security standards are its brand trademark. Results are natural, and recovery times are short with less pain than with other treatments. 

At the aesthetic clinic in Cork, we provide the full range of dermal filler injections available to ensure your facial rejuvenation with Teoxane always show perfect and remarkable results.  

Teoxane at Dr. Juan Corado’s clinic 

The Teoxane Laboratories are leaders in quality products. Their effective rheological properties (viscosity among them) are quite remarkable. They also offer different densities to respond the different needs, usages and applications to be performed. 

The hyaluronic acid is one of such products used to provide perfect facial rejuvenation. This is a unique component when compared to other products available on the market. The TEOSYAL range of products is quite complete and includes dermal fillers with specific properties for every Teoxane gel. Such a wide variety is adapted to all skin types and needs of patients. This unmatched component is unique when compared to other products because it improves facial expression lines, allows for wrinkles and folds to be treated, together with facial lines. 

At Dr. Juan Corado, we always provide the best solutions to get the best results. We use international top-quality products tested previously according to the stipulated by law.  

Our improved technology in aesthetic medicine is applied by specialists that are highly qualified in this area. Dr Juan Corado surely is your best option to get your hyaluronic acid with Teoxane treatment!

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