Lip fillers are very popular these days, though few patients actually know which are the daily care for hyaluronic acid treated lips.   

To get the best results, patients are provided with a series of before and after treatment tips for them to follow. The filler technique is performed by a highly specialized professional and this is the key to get plump, moisturized and balanced lips matching the natural lines of every face. 

5 advice for post hyaluronic acid treatment care 

Lip fillers have gradually become a most beneficial and suitable option for virtually everybody. This substance is naturally generated by the body so there are no side-effects to be observed after the injections – provided patients follow a few post-treatment care tips. 

The profiling, filling and augmentation of lips are advanced aesthetic techniques very much used today and the application of fillers does not involve any kind of risk for patients. 

At Dr. Juan Corado’s clinic, we advise our patients to follow a few tips to get the best results: 

  1. Gentle washing. The treated area needs to keep as clean as possible after the treatment. Use mild soap to ensure top hygienic conditions. Also apply alcohol-free and specific moisturisers to care for the delicate skin of your lips.  
  2. Avoid using makeup and medical products. The treated area is to remain clean until swelling and pain go down. Follow the advice always given by your specialist and only use the medication he has prescribed.  
  3. Avoid intense sport sessions after the treatment. Get all the rest you need, after the hyaluronic acid injection to calm down possible swelling and pain. Any intense activity might aggravate lip swelling and extend the healing process.
  4. Sleep tight but right. At night time, avoid lip contact with fabrics so sleeping on your back is the best option to get a quick recovery. 
  5. Use sunscreen products. Lip skin is particularly sensitive after a hyaluronic acid treatment has been performed, and needs be moisturized daily with solar protections though sun exposure is to be reduced as much as possible, 

Following up these post-treatment tips is the best you can do to get perfect results! Get particular and specific advice from your specialist

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