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Aesthetic Clinic Cork – Laser Liposuction

laser liposuction

If you are trying to reduce localized fat only with diet and exercise, from our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork we show you a new laser procedure available that can help you to achieve your dream body.

It has been clinically demonstrated that the removal of localized fat with laser helps to soften those lumps of fat that are more problematic.

Innovations in different liposuction methods have been changing rapidly over the last few years so that plastic surgeons like Dr. Juan Corado recommend this type of treatment.

In our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork, we work daily with the most innovative laser technology to always offer patients the best aesthetic results. Localized fat bags can have a negative impact on the patient’s body image, which can lead to a loss of confidence for them.

Laser liposuction is one of the many treatments and services we offer at our Aesthetic clinic in Cork always improving the overall well-being of our patients. We recommend patients to attend an individualized and personalized consultation with our Dr. Juan Corado to discuss the suitability of the use of laser liposuction. You will also have the opportunity to further discuss treatment outcomes and deadlines with our team.

However, you know what Laser Liposuction is?

This type of liposuction laser uses laser-assisted energy to be able to target those fat bag we want to eliminate.  Our specialist Dr. Juan Corado will perform the procedure under local anaesthesia and is also considered a minimally invasive treatment option for the patient.

From our clinic we warn you that you may experience certain bruises and sensitivity after carrying out the Laser Liposuction treatment. The risk of scarring or possible infections through liposuction is minimal. Dr. Juan Corado will make certain recommendations for you to return to your work and leisure activities.

This is why, although the targeted fat has been removed, you will not be able to see the results of the treatment due to the swelling of the liposuction laser. When the swelling has decreased, the skin of the patients, where the treatment has been carried out, is softer and smoother.

Liposuction laser is a great alternative for those patients who try to avoid invasive cosmetic surgery.

Areas where this treatment can be done.

This laser liposuction treatment can be performed on most of the localized areas of the body and face. This procedure as we have already discussed with previous has as its main objective to eliminate those persistent fat deposits.

Our Dr. Juan Corado wants to improve the self-esteem of their patients through the processes and treatment he carries out in his clinic in Cork.

You have a good chance that we advise patients to perform a combination of treatments for better results. Among the complementary treatments to laser liposuction in our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork you can find: the additional stretching of the skin to achieve a smoother skin without imperfections.

See Laser liposuction at our cosmetic clinic in Cork.

All patients can book to conduct a full consultation with our plastic surgery specialist Dr. Juan Corado. Talking about the goals of treatment will give you more information about the treatments available to achieve your goals. We always want our patients to feel safe and well 100% sure about what the results will be, their needs after recovery and the costs of such treatment.

Apart from explaining the entire procedure of the treatment we also explain what will be the benefits of carrying out the process in our aesthetic clinic, in the case of laser liposuction are:

  • Feel comfortable under local anaesthesia.
  • All body parts are treated without general anaesthesia.
  • Minimally invasive; hardly any recovery time required.
  • Skin tightening effect of ultrasound probe.
  • No sutures or significant scarring involved.
  • Firm body and firm skin without further intervention.

In the event that the patient does not feel confident to perform the designated treatment there is no obligation to continue with such treatment after the first consultation, where it is explained how the whole treatment will develop. You, as a patient, have total control over your surgery throughout the treatment journey. Our approach is always to make sure that our patients know all the available information and can make their decisions to choose the best possible treatment and thus improve overall aesthetics.

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Aesthetic Clinic Cork – Laser Liposuction


The laser liposuction in Cork is a relatively new non-invasive technique offered to obtain great results when wanting to shrink or eliminate body fat and reduce recovery times. 

Laser liposuction versus conventional liposuction.

Both the laser liposuction and the traditional liposuction are indicated to shrink localized fat in some body areas. The main difference between the two techniques is that laser liposuction is a less invasive treatment method.

Also called laser lipolysis, this procedure uses laser energy to liquefy fat cells without affecting other body tissues. Painless, it leaves no scars and recovery is faster than with traditional liposuction. Results are very complete since apart from suctioning the fat, the whole skin is also terser afterwards.

Therefore laser liposuction is perfect to treat specific body areas with moderate flaccidity like the internal part of the thighs, abdomen, hips and chin among others.  

Laser liposuction indications.

Laser liposuction in Cork provides the best results for localized and moderate fat since skin shrinks and adapts to the new body contours. 

Is anaesthesia necessary? 

Laser liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia, with or without sedation and needs no hospital stay (while traditional liposuction needs to). This is an ambulatory technique so you can go back home on the same day, after spending a few hours in the day-hospital.  

What are the expected results after a laser liposuction?  

After a laser liposuction, localized fat is reduced, and skin aspect improves because skin firmness decisively increases and there are no small lesions. Long-term results are durable, and cellulitis is less likely to occur and create a rebound effect than after a traditional liposuction. 

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