Liposuction is one of the most innovative techniques that is designed for the removal of localized fat and sagging by laser technology. This laser technique is less invasive than traditional liposuction stands out for the great results it offers.

Who is Laser Liposuction for?

This Lipolaser treatment is focused on people who have fat clusters in very localized areas, who are resisting diet, physical exercise, and altering the silhouette of the body itself.

What is laser liposuction?

For this treatment a cutting-edge laser technology is used in body remodeling through the elimination of targeted fat.

This liposuction has a combined thermal and photomechanical effect which allows it to treat a wide region of tissue while heating the treated area evenly.

The application of heat stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin and improves the blood supply of the treated area. The fat liquefied with heat is aspirated easily and leaves the skin more in contact with the muscle that underlies it, thus revealing a better body definition.

Once the localized fat has been removed, the micro cannula stimulates the superficial skin with a laser in order to promote the formation of new collagens and the partial retraction of the skin. Through skin remodeling allows for better firmness and elasticity of the surface skin of the treated areas.

In certain cases, local anesthesia is often used in small areas to reduce the patient’s pain. If it is a larger area, local anesthesia combined with sedation will be applied so that the treatment is not perceived by the patient.

The dose of fat extracted by laser liposuction can vary depending on the areas where the treatment is carried out, the thickness of the adipe and the elasticity of the patient’s skin. At Dr. Juan Corado Clinic we always respect the pattern for maximum safety and harmony of the entire body contour.

Post-treatment recovery of laser liposuction.

After this treatment, in most cases, after 2-3h of observation by our patient, it is possible that the patient will return home with a compression garment that must be worn after the treatment and the first 4 weeks after. Depending on the patient’s recovery, the patient may have a routine life and return to normal after 48-72h after treatment.

This treatment can cause certain temporary discomforts in the area in question, in which we can find (inflammation, bruises, altered sensitivity), which can be controlled through medication prescribed by our experts and also with lymphatic drainage massage sessions.

Benefits of this treatment

One of the great advantages of this treatment is that once removed localized fat does not appear again. As long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained by the patient the results are usually permanent over time.

Our patients often ask us what are the differences between traditional liposuction and laser treatments.

Laser-assisted liposuction allows you to shape the body by removing fat that is difficult to remove, but emphasizes that it is not a method of thinning, and that unlike traditional liposuction both its recovery and results are different.

In the case of traditional liposuction, all treatments require general anesthesia, the postoperative along with the inflammation are greater, which causes the patient to take longer to return to their daily routine.

The intervention of traditional liposuction is approached from another perspective, since this type of liposuction consists of the application of a cannula and an aspirate, whose objective is to aspirate the fatty tissue of the patient after an infiltration of the area where it is applied. While in the case of lip lasers, a laser fiber is inserted into the localized fat through a small incision in the subcutaneous fat of the patient. With this you can liquefy the fat and without having to vacuum it, in a totally natural way.

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