About Sculptra

Sculptra is an aesthetic medicine treatment using an injected synthetic material: the poly-L-lactic acid. This biocompatible substance was formerly employed in surgical products and other medical treatments. The Sculptra effects are gradual and long-lasting, one of the main reasons for its success: this is one of the most effective treatments to restore the youthful appearance of the skin and its natural looks.

Both the poly-L-lactic acid and the hyaluronic acid are used as skin-fillers, though their effects on the body are quite different.

The first treatment stimulates collagen synthesis in the body, while hyaluronic acid adds more moisture and hydrates the deep layers of the skin: Sculptra effects last longer.

Body areas where Sculptra is applied

Sculptra benefits are many to treat wrinkles and combat skin-aging, making it the perfect treatment for patients aged 30 to 65. The substance can be injected in different body areas, during a minimally invasive and painless infiltration deep under the skin.

  • Face. Sculptra combats skin-aging without surgery. The poly-L-lactic acid enhances the volume in folds and scars, like the collagen produced naturally by the body. It generates a lifting effect in face areas like the cheeks, mouth folds and marionette lines, face depressions and nasolabial folds.
  • Neck. It has a plumping effect on aging neck skin.
  • Other body areas. Sculptra is often used too in other body parts like hands, upper part of arms, thighs, knees and even buttocks.

Poly-L-lactic acid is very effective to treat facial lipoatrophy effects. It involves the loss of a considerable amount of subcutaneous fat, and the consequent depression of facial lines.

Sculptra benefits

Read more here on the 5 main benefits provided by Sculptra on the face (and on other depressed body areas). Though the substance has been used by aesthetic specialists recently, it has showed to be provide completely secure and long-lasting effects on the body.

1. It stimulates collagen production

The biggest advantage of Sculptra is that is enhances the production of body collagen in patient under the effects of the injected poly-L-lactic acid. This is why treatment effects are not immediate unlike other treatments like the hyaluronic acid that are mere fillers.

2. Natural-looking results

It combats anti-aging, fills in the depressed body areas, corrects flaccidity and minimizes wrinkles, in a gradual way. This is why patients often notice a progressive improvement over time. Results appear gradually and no immediate side-effects are observed, providing a good-looking improved image.

3. No allergy observed

A big advantage of the Sculptra is that this is a non-toxic product. It does not provoke allergies because the substance is synthetic, biocompatible, and re-absorbable by the body. No allergy test is necessary before the treatment and there is no trace of the product inside the body.

4. Long-lasting effects

Correctly performed and adapted number of sessions for the Sculptra treatment provide results lasting for up to two years. Maintenance sessions are recommended though their number is lesser than for other treatments.

5. Compatible with other treatments

Sculptra can be used together with other aesthetic treatments. Specialists actually sometimes recommend the combined performance of different techniques to provide a wonderful effect on the skin: poly-L-lactic acid and peelings, fillers, antiwrinkles injection….

The poly-L-lactic acid is…

An efficient treatment against wrinkles with gradual results requiring 3 to 5 sessions at least. Optimum results for Sculptra show 4-6 months after treatment has been applied though it lasts longer than other treatments.

To get the best results and minimize the temporary side-effects and possible risks, seek a skilled and thoroughly trained specialist in aesthetic treatments.

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