The laser liposuction process combines two large branches within aesthetic medicine, the extraction of fat and its subsequent tightening of the skin. This innovative treatment is carried with a series of optical fibres that send red light of the frequency chosen by the laser through very fine cannulas with rounded tips. This will eliminate the adipose tissue in the least aggressive way, getting the patient to suffer as little as possible. The subsequent tightening of the skin is achieved by stimulating the immediate production of a number of proteins, collagen and elastin.

How to perfom laser liposuction treatment?

Once the necessary preparations have been made for the patient, this treatment begins with the introduction of a small cannula with a certain optical fibre, inside the adipose tissue of the patient and movement manoeuvres are carried out with the laser for 5 minutes per treatment area or until the fat is dissolved. This procedure is carried out in a surgical area and under qualified as is the case of our Dr. Juan Corado.

What advantages does this technique have over the rest?

Laser liposuction has a large number of advantages over other fat reduction techniques, this particular technique shows a great advantage with respect to the ratio of fat loss per session. Also, the tense that we have commented previously is achieved form the first moment, this causes the immediate change of the sculpture of the normal body to a defined one where you can see a more athletic body.

What are the apparent results of laser liposuction?

The results of this treatment are, depending on the patient, almost immediate after the end of the surgery, but the effect on the skin due to treatment usually occurs 6 to 8 weeks after treatment. Note that the work of lymphatic drainage takes a very important role, depending very much on the result.

What types of advice should the patient follow after the treatment?

This type of treatment is one of the safest thanks to the laser combination, since this drastically reduces the risk of thrombi or bleeding go down. Through the use of compressive clothing and post-operative therapies we will get patients to recover in a faster and safer way.

What special care should be developed after laser liposuction treatment?

There is no general directive by experts for special care beyond those recommended by specialists. The use of antibiotic cream to heal scars and the consumption of certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs is always recommended to reduce postoperative swelling and discomfort that the patient may feel. Once the patient can return to his daily life, the patient can perform the same activities as before the intervention.

How many zones can be treated within the same session?

Each session lasts between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size of the area to be treated and the amount of fat to be treated. The patient’s predisposition to go through the entire treatment procedure must also be taken into account.

Are the results of laser liposuction permanent and definitive?

The results of this treatment are permanent. Lipolaser manages to eliminate all the most persistent fat definitively, it does not mean that if the patient regains weight will not generate new accumulations of fat, where it is more difficult to eliminate them.

The patient can recreate this new adipose tissue, but it will not develop in the same way as the embedded fat removed with the lipolaser, but would form in a more homogeneous way by the skin.

What is the best time to perform a lipolaser operation?

This type of treatment has no inconvenience with respect to the time of year, that is, the patient can perform whenever they want, although it should be noted that sun exposure during the summer is important. Because overexposure to the sun can prove some permanent skin pigmentation.

Is there any discomfort after lipolaser treatment?

One of the main discomforts that can occur to our patients is that after the operation you have the feeling that the area has been left insecure. But there is no need to be alarmed as the sensitivity of the area affected by the treatment will gradually recover until it reaches its entirety.

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