It is with our facial appearance that allows us to achieve our characteristic vitality and allows us to distinguish and identify in the relationships we have with others. As we age, the effects of gravity, continued exposure to the sun, and the stress of everyday life begins to stop on the face. Because of these signs, folds are formed between the nose and mouth, also the jaw lines lose contour and appear loose skin and folds around the neck.  The expression of a flaccid face makes people look sad, very tired and less able to achieve the social success that a youthful face achieves. This is why people use minimally invasive and very low-risk methods to reverse the effects of age.

This type of easy rejuvenation involves treating ptosis of the skin. In recent years thanks to the latest technology, absorbable threads have been a trend as a non-surgical treatment to support and rejuvenate the surface tissues of the skin.

Why Apthos Thread Lift is getting more and more popular?

More and more nowadays people tend to choose minor and non-invasive treatments to support the construction of skin collagen, hardening of tissues and skin remodelling. People no longer consider surgery and use this type of treatment to make small changes and prevent aging.

Thread lifting provides us one of the best non-surgical options to treat excess skin laxity and thus be able to stimulate the natural growth of collagen with a short recovery and little downtime. These absorbable threads consist of polylactic acid and polylactic materials.

This type of thread lift treatment allows to correct the moderate laxity that develops in the skin of the face and body, and reduces the flaccidity found in soft tissues by promoting as previously mentioned in the production of collagen.

What type of Apthos Thread Lift is used in our Aesthetic Clinic?

Therefore, at Clinic Aesthetic Dr. Juan Corado we use only clinically tested and patented Apto absorbable threads. These threads will be absorbed naturally gradually in the body. These threads have the great advantage that they have a long degradation of up to 2 years and have enough retention force to suspend the tissue giving enough time for our body to produce them in an adequate amount of collagen. Thus, being able to achieve the desired aesthetic result soft and supple skin. After the thread has dissolved, they leave behind a new collagen and elastin scaffold to be able to recondition the skin and thus delaying the aging process.

Thanks to the different types of threads either bi-directional and multidirectional allows us to lift cheekbones. This way we can reduce the nasolabial folds and the jowl of the face.

What kind of techniques will be carried out during the process?

Dr. Juan Corado performed all such treatments under local anesthesia in the best conditions and strictly sterile. In the treatment certain incisions are carried out with needle and it heals without leaving any scar. In relation to the side effects of treatment, they are mild: it is a short period of inactivity with certain bruises and some other mild swelling. From our aesthetic clinic we recommend a post procedure that mainly involves avoiding any type of physical activity and resting for at least two weeks so that the threads and their interaction with the tissues settle.

This treatment offers an aesthetic result from the first session naturally and continues to improve through the production of collagen. This procedure is intended for people who want to avoid or delay in any way a surgical procedure, Apt is a completely viable alternative to rejuvenate the face. 

What is the purpose of the Aptos Thread Lift?

Aptos Thread Lift is an additional tool to rejuvenate the skin in a non-invasive way. The Aptos treatment allows to close the gap when anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are not enough for the patient.

This treatment corrects the moderate laxity of the skin through the continuous improvement of the contours of the soft tissues located on the face. In addition, this lifting has an anti-aging effect and helps avoid any signs of age. This treatment can be repeated over time as you may have several injections to maintain a youthful appearance over the years.

Relying on your treatment Fit in a highly qualified and experienced doctor is vital to be able to choose the right product and get the best results. Dr. Juan Corado will offer you a completely complementary evaluation to know exactly what your objectives are and thus be able to adapt the treatment plan to your specifications.

Suitable Thread Lift can be combined with other procedures and facial rejuvenation.

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