When we name facial cleansing is the first and fundamental step to having healthy and youthful skin throughout life. But also remember that exfoliation or peeling if we talk about a professional facial renewal, is another fundamental pillar of our face needs.

The natural renewal as the years go by slows down. From the age of 30, our skin becomes pressed. During our childhood and part of youth, the skin usually changes on average every 28 days; as the years go by, this skin replacement can be prolonged even to 45 days.

What is a facial peel?

The primary mission of a facial peel is to help our epidermis to detach from all dead cells in the most superficial layer of the skin, we can even drag impurities and toxins that accumulate in our face.

The impurities that we find in our face are usually either from cellular tissue or external causes of our skin.

Our exfoliation treatment, or peeling if we focus on the profound renewal carried out by our professionals in our aesthetic clinic in cork, is one of the best rituals to increase the brightness of the face, release impurities and micro toxins from the epidermis, and especially in mixed, oily and acne skin.

Types of Peeling and Exfoliation

Our mechanical scrubs use certain nanoparticles that allow us to drag any type of dead cell and impurities from the epidermis. This treatment will be applied on the patient’s moist skin, in turn circular massages will be applied on the patient’s face. This exfoliation is recommended for those people for young and oily skin.

Our chemical scrubs are developed based on certain acids, which act by penetrating the deeper layers of the patient’s epidermis. These acids manage to carry out a reaction of detachment of all the old cells of the skin from the inside, getting to push the younger ones that will ascend to the surface. Recommended for mature skins that want to recover the brightness of your face and minimize pores.

Professional peeling at our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork

This type of peeling carried out by professionals like our Dr. Juan Corado has a powerful exfoliating action causing the patient to develop an integral molt of skin driven from within. In this type of treatment, it is observed first of all that the skin becomes red, flakes and finally falls giving rise to the new rejuvenated skin.

That’s why from our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork we recommend that these types of treatments be carried out when there is a lot of sun exposure, as in autumn and winter.

Keep in mind that we recommend all our patients to use high sun protection after any treatment at least for the first and third month after. It is also essential that you follow the recommendations of our specialist doctor, that in his guidelines you will find skin cleansing with a soft skin product and apply a cream two or three times a day that will heal until the period of flaking has passed. Once this period is over you can resume the application of any type of anti-aging cream to achieve better effects of the peeling treatment.

On what occasions can a peeling or exfoliation be beneficial?

It is not necessary to have a skin problem to perform a certain peeling or exfoliation treatment. These treatments are recommended when:

– The patient shows spots on the skin and wants a uniform skin tone.

– Those people who want to rejuvenate their faces and thus be able to see it in a more luminous way, because by removing the first layer of skin we manage to reduce the wrinkles caused by age.

– Patients with any type of imperfection related to acne, so also the youngest can benefit from such treatments.

What types of skins can perform this type of peeling?

Despite all the advantages and good results that a professional peel has, there are certain skins that are not ideal candidates. That is why our Dr. Juan Corado will carry out a personalized study to know with certainty which type of peeling is more suited to your skin type. On certain faces can cause a negative effect such as irritation.

Visit our Aesthetic Clinic and discover the incredible results you can get with our treatments. Visit our specialist in the best aesthetic treatments in Cork. Our Doctor Dr. Juan Corado has years of experience in the sector, if you still have doubts contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

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