What exactly is a Plexr Plasma Pen?

The Plex Plasma Pen in our aesthetic center Dr. Juan Corado is a type of device that creates a plasma arc to remove small areas of the skin and stimulate the instant contraction and hardening of the surrounding skin. This type of plexr plasma pen treatment in the body is non-surgical and an alternative to those procedures or treatments in the case of operations such as eyelid reconstruction (including both wide underparts and excess upper eyelid skin).

What is the plasma injected by Plexr plasma pen in treatments?

This type of plasma is in the fifth state of matter. The plasma during application electrons are «excited, usually similar to a mini ray or spark. The high energy that runs through its interior causes a sublimation of skin cells that causes them to go from a solid to a gaseous state.

Did you know that you can perform plex plasma pen body treatment fractionally?

This fractional therapy exposes a fraction of the skin during treatment to the plasma arc in a small pattern of tiny spots. With plasma, small skin spots will begin to be removed (vaporized) leaving intact all the skin surrounding the arch. In this case, the skin contracts and tightens as the thousands of holes close and heal.

Thanks to this methodology the treatment shortens the healing time and allows to stimulate the natural process of the cells and the body to create new collagen, fill the skin from below and improve wrinkles and other imperfections.

Small holes allow treatment to be much safer and with greater recovery. This type of treatment deepens providing results from the first session.

This type of controlled energy means better results with a more comfortable patient experience, versus treatment and recovery.

When will I be able to see the results? When can I wear makeup?

The vast majority of patients find improvement after one week of treatment. And you will get maximum visible results in one to three months. Patients can apply makeup around 7-10 days after treatment or in some cases, as soon as the small scabs have fallen off on their own without any help. 

From our aesthetic center Dr. Juan Corado we recommend that at no time do the scabs get wet, as this would cause you to be softened and would increase the risk of premature removal and cause scars on the skin. When treatment ends, only proportioned healing balm should be applied.

Is there a risk of Plexr plasma in the body?

All treatments that cause inflammation (any type of redness or swelling) can pose a risk for PIH or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation where those areas where treatment is carried out come out with a type of brown pigmentation. People who have darker skin tones are more likely to have a higher risk of this undesirable side effect.

To know if your skin type is suitable for treatment, a test patch can be performed where the skin’s healing response can be checked within an area. In our aesthetic medicine center, we recommend topical skin care to prepare the patient’s skin before the procedure and thus reduce the predisposition of the skin to produce this type of pigment.

Who would be the optimal candidates for Plexr Plasma Pen treatment?

This type of treatment is best for people with a light skin tone and with certain skin imperfections such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Loose skin 
  • Scars 
  • Brown spots

All these causes are caused by age and continued sun damage, which will benefit from a resurgence treatment. The vast majority of moles, skin tags, xanthelasma, and seborrheic keratosis may also be removed using plasma.

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