In our aesthetic clinic in Cork, we receive a large number of patients, who, after the summer excess, observe that their skin is losing that freshness when they were young. The large number of harmful agents external to our skin and that have greater incidence during the summer make the effect on the passage of time on our skin, such as easy sagging, more difficult to correct or prevent.

On the face you begin to notice these wrinkles and expression folds, usually from the age of 35, due to the lack of two substances of the skin collagen and elastin.

The generation of collagen greatly influences the process of appearance of wrinkles, since this protein has as its main function to generate very resistant and flexible fibres. It is thanks to these two characteristics that the skin retains, its elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

But, do you know what is collagen?

Collagen is part of a group of proteins found in our body. This type of protein is very fibrous and very abundant, providing our body with the strength and all the structure we need.

The production of collagen by the body is what the body really needs naturally, but this production is decreasing due to the steps of the years. In the case of women, it is lost is greater, so when a woman is 50 years old, she has naturally lost almost half of the collagen in her skin. This great loss will cause the skin a reduction in the thickness of the dermis and become more fragile. In the case of elastin located under the epidermis, in the dermis, it is responsible for the production of a series of elastin fibres that five some elasticity to the tissues. 

Other factors that can also alter collagen production are genetics, lack of hydration, sun exposure, poor diet, alcohol or tobacco consumption and stress.

What is collagen for?

It brings rejuvenation to your skin. Thanks to its flexibility to body tissues. In our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork, we provide one of the most innovative treatments to deal with these adversities faced by the skin of our patients and thus be able to stimulate the collagen cells themselves. Our treatments have a very positive impact on the production of this type of protein and can acquire a totally healthy and natural appearance. At Dr. Juan Corado Aesthetic Clinic, we have the latest generation of medical aesthetic treatments allowing us to opt for less invasive solutions for our patients.

With our treatments you will get the following benefits:

  • To be able to restore naturally the production of collagen, through the stimulation of fibroblasts.
  • Give integrity and structural support to your skin.
  • Collagen will interact with elastin so that it can strengthen skin elasticity and firmness.

Our Dr. Juan Corado administered our treatments on the skin of our patient to achieve a greater impact. Thus, we will achieve a greater creation of this new collagen by our body naturally and young, combating more effectively sagging skin caused by the years.

What do you expect from collagen injections or other fillers?

You may need a collagen skin test, before getting the treatment of collagen injections. This test is carried out putting a small amount of collagen injected into your forearm and the area is monitored for signs of allergic reaction over the next month. If you have no signs of allergy, your doctor can continue with collagen therapy. You may be injected with a small amount of local anesthetic to numb the area to be treated.

This natural collagen production treatment can develop between six and twelve months from the date of treatment. Over time, the body will gradually absorb collagen naturally and apart the patient may require some additional treatment so that the patient can maintain the aesthetic improvement due to collagen.

After the treatment, there may be several temporary bruises, some small swelling or some sensitivity in the area where the injection has been carried out. These types of symptoms are very normal and usually go away gradually several days after the injection. All patients can resume all their daily activities.

In the event that the patient wants to maintain the results derived from collagen, it depends largely on the collagen used. Most of the treatments we develop at our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork usually require certain retouching injections, at least two a year to maintain the results obtained. This simple method and effect will allow you to rejuvenate your face in the healthiest way.

Visit our Aesthetic Clinic and discover the incredible results you can get with our treatments. Visit our specialist in the best aesthetic treatments in Cork. Our Doctor Dr. Juan Corado has years of experience in the sector, if you still have doubts contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

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