As we have previously commented in our blog, peeling is a specific treatment whose main objective is the rejuvenation of the patient’s skin. This peeling treatment consists of the use of a chemical solution that allows to eliminate the upper layers of the skin that have some kind of damage either by the natural aging process of the skin cells or any type of external agent.

One of the great advantages of peeling is that it is much less invasive than other treatments such as plastic surgery. Within the peeling typologies we can find based on the degree of depth, three types of peeling.

However, in our aesthetic clinic in Cork we will advise you to indicate which type of peeling is most suited to your needs and skin type.

Types of Peeling

1. Superficial peeling.

It is recommended to perform this type of treatment to those patients who perform it for the first time. This treatment consists of the removal and exfoliation of the first layer of skin, epidermis. Many patients in our center prefer it because, after treatment, patients can recover their daily activity without the worry of hurting the skin and without having to perform too much care.

Thanks to this treatment we will get you gradually spotted skin from place to young skin and without apparent injuries. Although it is a light treatment, it usually requires a total of 4 sessions to achieve an optimal result.

2. Medium peeling.

In this case this treatment acts on the first two layers of the skin, the epidermis and dermis. In the second layer of the skin we can find the appearance of deeper wrinkles so a superficial peeling could not remove this type of wrinkles.

In addition, apart from this type of wrinkles we can also find spots and marks of acne.

When facing a deeper exfoliation it is completely normal to feel some itching during the performance of this peeling. After treatment your skin will look red and you will have flaking for the next few days. That is why we recommend the use of moisturizers to achieve a better recovery.

3. Deep peeling

This type of peeling is the most aggressive and not on any skin type can be carried out. This treatment requires more specific and strict aftercare than the previous two. One of the advantages of this type of aggressive peel is that its results are more durable. This is because apart from removing the layers of skin (dermis and epidermis), it helps the overall production of collagen, allowing the skin to look much younger for longer.

Once you have seen the types of peels that exist and their advantages we will give you a series of tips for your skin after the peeling treatment.

  1.  Photoprotection.

After any type of peeling you do from our Aesthetic Clinic in Cork we recommend that you protect yourself from the sun as much as possible as your skin is constantly regenerating. This will prevent any kind of photo aging and decrease the chances of getting skin cancer in the future.

2. Wash your face.

After the treatment we recommend the use of a soap or cleansing cream for sensitive or soft skin that is dermatologically tested, for its application uses the fingertips and circular movement, without exerting much pressure. This should be done about 2 times a day and at the time of drying use a soft and clean step.

3.  Hydration of the skin. Choose a cream according to your needs.

In our aesthetic clinic we recommend you choose a cream specialized in regeneration after the treatment of peeling that among its ingredients you find: rose hip, Asian scintilla, since these elements will remove all the hydration that your skin needs and relieve itching.

4. Use of retinoic acid

After the recovery treatment of the peel, it is recommended to use the creams that you used for the preparation of the treatment as they contain retinoids. This type of cream will allow you to enhance the results achieved through peeling and you will notice all the benefits of retinoids in your skin.

5. Mantain a balanced diet.

After the peeling you must maintain a hydrated skin both outside and inside so apart from using the creams we have mentioned, it is very important that you drink around 1.5-2 liters of water a day. Because with this hydration you will get that your cells regenerate in a faster and efficient way.

If you want to find out what type of peeling suits your needs in our Aesthetic clinic in Cork you can discover our best treatments. Contact our specialists and get a better face.

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